Why stamp duty for himachal is rs 50 in zerodha as many other discount brokers r charging stamp duty @. 01 or. 02%

Hello Trader,

Legally, stamp duty is required to be calculated on the account holders state of residence.

However, some brokers calculate it based on their own location rather than the account holders residence.

Since the stamp duty charges are very nominal, many traders overlook this fact.

Max stamp duty for Himachal is 30, (new rates is 50.) Max stamp duty for Karnataka is 50.

Call the accounts team @ZERODHA  if you want this to be calculated correctly.

Here is the latest THE INDIAN STAMP (HIMACHAL PRADESH AMENDMENT) BILL, 2012 which says Rs.50 is the stamp duty.

@portfolioplus911 I guess you are referring to the old Bill.

The answer has been corrected to include the new rates. I have pulled up the old figures from the Zerodha Brokerage calculator. Thanks

The above answer has been updated.

Really frustated…only for H.P?
I just opened my account with Zerodha to learn and start trading. So 1st time i bought single 105 Rs share for delivery to check charges etc…so next day amount deduction was 160 RS from my Demat a/c and I’m worried it will also deduct more 50Rs when i will sell on profit/loss …anyone experienced here? to discuss in these kind of matter…

I also experienced the same thing. I went through 2 sites and the stamp charges mentioned are less.

Reference: - https://himachal.nic.in/index1.php?

lang=1&dpt_id=13&level=1&sublinkid=3487&lid=4335 State-Wise Stamp Duty For Trading Stocks in India - Best Indian Broker

stamp duty in himachal pradesh in shares is so high .

Stamp duty is always based on your address.

Why why stamp duty of Zerodha is very heigh???

Stamp duty is as per the state of residence. It is the same for all. Check this for your state


Thank you !!

I see max rupees is 100,but i see it is charging me 300 to 400 daily for Futures(BO orders)


@Nakul can u check?

@Kiran_Ashtami we’ve checked the stamp duty charged for your F&O trades in the last 10 days and see that it is charged correctly at 0.01% or a maximum of Rs. 100. Could you provide the date on which you are finding an excess stamp charged? Also, we request you to kindly raise a ticket through our support portal for account related information. This will help us track and provide a resolution faster.

Sure,Thank you.


Sorry …there was confusion,I was referring to ‘Securities Transaction Tax’ why it is so high.


Securities Transaction Tax (STT) is charged by the central government when transacting on the exchanges. It is charged on both buy and sell sides when trading equity delivery and it is charged only on the sell side when trading equity intraday or on futures and options. Kindly refer our charges list to know the rate of STT.