Why stop loss order is disabled for bracket order in PI?


Bracket Order carry all the 3 order, Your Buy/Sell and stop loss. To know more about BO order please go through this 



I want to set a trigger price to place a bracket buy order. For example, I want to buy a stock at 100 rs. but stock’s current price is 99. so i want to set trigger price as 99.8 rs and limit price is 100 rs.
But order type by default is “LIMIT” in bracket buy order. I am not able to change it

You can not do this in bracket order. In bracket order you can place order only in LIMIT.

thanks for your reply


SL Order type is disabled for BO in Pi, but whereas in Kite SL order type is enabled ?

pls suggest

Hey @Midhun_Rahul

Pi doesn’t have this feature (SL entry for BO). You can use Kite for this instead.

has Pi disabled BO completely? i tried placing BO and it asks me to use Kite instead, why so?