Why Stop losses are getting hit often?

But you should have entered at 305 when the stock was showing “ABV 200 SMA” in the mentioed site.
There were 3-4 another stocks (ACC, SUNTV, etc) in which you could have traded.
I hope, next time won’t miss !

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Risk is everywhere.
Think about PNB, DHFL, TATAMOT, etc.
What happened overnight ?
In my view, we can manage our loss during Intraday !

That’s a great skill.
Then one should do day trading.

It is erosion of decision making ability to take the next trade. Everytime I think I should take the trade, at the back of my mind, it cautions me " what if your decision is wrong? " then I step back and don’t take the trade. Success is eluding.

I am a sr. citizen.
Remember the 2008 crash.
People has to sell their homes, gold, etc.
Some have not yet recovered.
If you hold overnight, always hedge (options) to reduce loss.
After all one can decide at his own.

I don’t hold any stock overnight. Thanks sir.

For you i think cnc trading better
In any case cnc is less stressful

Good strategy

01.11.2019 : Today 3 stocks “ABV 200 SMA”.
All 3 are in profit. Sufficient for a small trader !

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One doesn’t get like button on his own posts.

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Bro, one can’t see like button under his own posts while the person on other end does see it. It’s the same for me.

Check screenshot.

Thanks for the information.
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Let it be. My aim is not to receive such likes.
I just share my experience which may help small traders.
(For your “Bro” quote, I am above 65.)

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