Why Sudarshan Chemicals went 16% up, when sensex only 1%

I am not able to find out why SUDARSHAN Chemicals went 16% up, when no news or anything happened, Why such a big Spike ?

It’s maybe beacuse of Operator Game or Insider trading. Also sensex consist of mixture of 30 shares proportions so sudarshan chemicals isn’t in that sensex 30 stocks. So market can move in another directions and individual shares can move on other Directions.

A new study and market report has come out yesterday(or the day before), that covers the Organic Pigments Market for the next 5 years. The report says this industry is expected to grow double digits in the next few years.

And the report puts Sudarshan Chemicals as one top contenders alongside the heavy weights like BASF, Mitsubishi and half a dozen other companies that have well-structured supply chain to overcome the Covid challenges. Sudarshan Chemicals is the only Indian company to be part of this report.

While I’m unsure as to why big boys pushed the ‘BUY’ button, this could be one of the reasonably good causes.

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Even I was wondering the same and not just Sudarshan chem but all the chemical stocks like Aarti industry, vinati organic, deepak nitrite went up like crazy without any significant news or reason. I wonder why?