Why the broking platforms are so slow in implementing improvements?

Why the broking platforms are so slow in implementing improvements ?
Take any of the broking platforms. They lack so many features that are must have.
Basic sorting, filtering also not available consistently. UIs are not at all intuitive .
They even ignore feedback, suggestions and even unlist the threads. Don’t respond to tweets about the issues.
Also, they have multiple platforms for different type of instruments and their UI is also not very standard.
Crazy !

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some do…expecially when they are in growing phase…like zerodha used to at one point of time…constant innvovative practices…right now, kotak is implementing improvements in a fast pace…again in order to gain more market share…couple of other brokers like alice blue, tradesmart too have good customer support system where they ensure that customer is given a satisfactory resolution…but they do not seem to put that effort in improvements in trading platform…

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@nithin sir - please keep an eye out for these kind of inputs.

We truly live in a society :sleepy: :man_shrugging: