Why the pharma sector is falling from 2015

Why the pharma sector is falling from 2015, even when there is not something wrong with it, in terms of demand or any financial fraud. Is it worth investing in it as the prices are cheap? If yes, what do you think about Sun pharma?
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pharma gave return 50% p.a .

These two events were the main cause to trigger the trend;

  • US FDA inspected the Indian Pharma plants for quality check and they have sent Form 483 (it is a form used by the FDA to document concerns discovered during these inspections.)

  • Passing a new law to make doctors prescribe generic drugs. (they contain the same chemicals that were originally protected by chemical patents - drug companies)

All these made the investors really unhappy, as it would be affecting their profits. :point_up_2::point_up_2:

It is a good time to invest some part of your portfolio.
Sun Pharma is one of the top leaders in the industry.

Please do your own research, do not act on any recommendation directly.
If you wish to know more, you can check the fundamental analysis of the company.

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