Why the share falls when a company announce dividend like in Coal India we have seen today? Had someone bought Its shares on friday then does that mean he is in loss today?

Its not a fall/loss. Dividend will be credited to your account if you are holding shares.

E.g. if you are holding 1 share of Coal India prior to dividend declared date you spent Rs 320 to buy it. Today share price is around 300 and dividend declared was approx Rs 20 per share which will make it to your bank account. So you still have stock worth 300 and Rs 20 in your account still totaling Rs 320

ypp.. bro.. you are in loss...because you purchase shares on Friday..  for receiving dividends.. company decides a record date.. if you purchased shares before that record date.. than you are eligible for receiving dividends..

plz.. check that link.. for further information..


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Got it…And if we bought it after the dividend declared date…then?