Why there is no option to import external mutual funds on Coin?

I am using Groww to manage my mutual funds but thinking of switching to Coin for mutual funds. But there is no way to import external mutual funds on Coin, which is a kind of a basic feature available on almost all other platforms. Will there be any option to import external mutual funds on Coin?
cc @nithin

Hi, @Achintya_Kumar at Zerodha the mutual fund’s units are held in demat mode which is one of the safest ways to hold your units. With platforms like Groww etc, the units are held in a non-demat mode and can be transferred using the SOA only in physical form as of now. If you want to transfer these units, you will have to dematerialise these units and get it transferred to zerodha. Refer to this article to understand the whole process.

Also, we are working with the RTAs and DPs to automate this process and make it a easy process where the units can be converted to Demat mode online.

Are you also working with DP (cdsl) for remat holdings to SOA from demat?

Also what is the process to initate transmission of mutual-funds holdings which are in deamr account? Is it seemless online? Or nominess need to run filling forms?
How zerodha helps nominee to get transfer of ownership?

Can you tell if zerodha has any on-line seemless possibility for this or via cdsl? Online?