Why this difference in option premium price?

Hello friends,

After market closed, Kite shows the LTP of BANKNIFTY JAN 27500CE is 371.45 whereas in NSE’s option chain, the LTP is showing 177.00. Which of the two is correct value ? Please help @nithin.


Can check here

Also I believe you are checking for weekly option contract on NSE option chain

On the expiry date, change expiry date to monthly ie 31jan, to see monthly contract.

Thanks @siva i am posting the screenshot of NSE option chain below. Please check…


Why the LTP is showing as 177.00 in the option chain ? Please help

@Siva, I got it. The mistake is that by default the option chain is filtering by 17th Jan. It should be 31st Jan.
Now i got the proper value. 371.45.