Why tick size is minimum Re. 1 in BO?

Why there is minimum Re. 1 stop loss in BO..?

It is not possible for regular day traders and Scalpers to maintain Risk Reward by Re. 1 stop loss. Re. 1 may be small for others but for regular day traders it is day and night difference. Minimum stop loss should be 0.10 paisa. in BO.

Target and stop loss minimum tick size is only 5 paisa in BO but trailing stop loss is 1 rupee. One can even place .05 as either target or stop loss and to know more about BO Check this link. 

Thnx Siva…
One more question…
Is it possible to place below and above LTP BO. I mean if stock price is Rs. 100.50 now and I want to place BUY BO at Rs. 101. I want my order to go in market only when reach that price. Can I place that order?

Its not possible, at this point of time