Why very basic basket order?

Guys, I am disappointed with new basket order function. I was hoping it to be advanced.its just executes order individually. My query is
Suppose, I am entering call debit spread which now costs ₹10, I want feature where I could manipulate this net price directly. If I set same call debit spread order for ₹9 then both order should be executed at the same time when it becomes available for ₹9.

Current version seems so regressive. Please respond.

Which broker in India is offering this kind of facility? showing the margin required for basket considering existing positions and individually?

I am not asking to appreciate us but should have known how it works in India if not should ask us instead coming to conclusion.
Coming to your point executing based on total legs premium at a time comes under algo in India and is not allowed for retailers. If not that is very simple thing to offer and infact we already provide that using sentinel, check this,but only alert is given and one has to manually place basket. Said this, we are trying to find ways to offer this to retailers.

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I did not mean to offend. Thank you for entertaining my query.
I am very much looking forward to further developments.
Excuse me for not knowing rules.