Why was extra amount deducted for delivery of shares?

I had 1000/- & bought a share for 102.55. It was delivered & I got a statement for the same. But when I saw remaining funds in the Funds section in Kite, it only had 886.8 /-
What happened to the rest 10.65/- ?

Can someone give sample breakup of the charges deducted? I thought delivery was free of brokerage?

Brokerage on delivery is Free, however there are other charges like bata, allowance etc.

In your case you have been charged , STT, GST, and Demat charges.

Most of them are government levies which you cannot avoid, the Demat charges are somewhat standard across the brokerage industry.

Even with 10.65 deducted, you are getting the best deal in India with Zerodha.