Why Zerodha charging higher IGST rate of 18.4%?

From last Monday ie 18july, Zerodha has started charging higher IGST of 18.4% on brokerage and exchange transaction charges. This was earlier at 18%.

Does anyone know why?

I am attaching a snapshot of my contract note.
Brokerage 160
Exchange transaction charges 130.97
Total 290.97

However IGST charged is 53.55 which is 18.4% instead of the standard 18% which was the case earlier.

Is this legal? To charge higher IGST than the standard. Zerodha has charged 18.4% on both Monday and Tuesday contract notes, so it’s not a one off mistake.

@ShubhS9 can you please reply on this?

SEBI charges were earlier exempted from GST. However, starting July 18, 2022, the exemption has been withdrawn, and the GST will be applicable at 18%. You can check this SEBI circular for more details: SEBI | Levy of Goods & Services Tax (GST) on the fees payable to SEBI

Wow, the Govt. keeps getting more and more greedy with every passing day.

@ShubhS9 May be you can re-word the line item of IGST in the contract note to reflect this change. Thanks for your prompt reply.