Why zerodha coin minimum investment is high compare to other.?


I am exploring zerodha coin and I observe that minimum investment in zerodha coin for mutual is generally 5000 compare to my cam karvy there is minimum investment is 1000 for same fund and plan
Sbi blue chip fund direct growth
Minimum investment is 5000 before start sip

But in mycams and karvy it 1000


Check this link, answered here.

Essentially Coin SIPs aren’t the traditional AMC SIPs. They are lumpsum amounts reinvested and lumpsums have higher first starting requirement vs SIP (which we are pushing AMCs to reconsider). This gives Coin the flexibility of designing the SIPs the way you want and not be limited by what is limited by the AMC. For example

This also gives you the flexibility to pause/play/edit anytime you want unlike the traditional SIPs where you have to stop/change the banking mandates.

We will soon also give a rule engine to control these, like increasing/decreasing the value based on where the market PE is, and etc.