Why Zerodha do not provide Nifty 50 Stock list in Zerodha kite app?

Why Zerodha do not provide Nifty 50 stock list in Kite Android App ?
Because every one wants to see Nifty 50 stock list daily usually.
But for this we have to add 1 by 1 stock in watch list which is the worst scenario and not a good option because we want stocks in watch list as per daily changing requirements.
So please add nifty 50 stock list (watchlist) in zerodha kite app.



Yes, atleast one option must be there to preload all available stocks in nifty, nifty next 50

Also I find the limit of 20 scripts also very limited. Can’t we have choice to add upto 50 scripts per screen and those who want can load the scripts as per their choice.

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Soon the limit will be increased to 30 per market watch.

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But Nifty 50 stock list is required for every small and intermediate trader mainly …so

Yes it should be but zerodha has not provided yet .
But all other broker house provides this facility.

@nithin @siva can we please request zerodha to have some pre-populated watch list for popular indices. It would be much help for intraday traders. We generally look at the sector which is bullish in the market so instead of going to nse to see the companies it would be great to have predefined watch lists. Also the espresso launched by sharekhan team has lot of cool features highlighted during traders carnival. If zerodha can have a check and try to incorporate those features will make our life easier