Why Zerodha does not have certain basic things in its trading platform?

Dear Nithin,

I have opened a trading and demat account in zerodha, after hearing truly impressive things about the brokerage firm. I do agree that I am spell bound by the brokerage rates of yours. However, I am equally disappointed by the trading platform or platforms. Firstly, why do you have more than one trading plaform like zerodha software, z5, trade xpress? It is very confusing which to use. As a regular trader I simply want a platform that is simple and has certain basic things such as facility to view the average buy price of my stock, holding quantity, amount invested, unrealized/realized profits, and sell price (when sold). You should have atleast given us the provision of creating a customized portfolio, where we can immediately add the stocks which we bought and view all the basic information about them as I mentioned above. I wanted to recommend zerodha to my peers but they themselves were quite critical of the trading platform. So, I hope you can take my suggestions/recommendations in order to offer your customers a comfortable experience while trading.



I use ET portfolio as of now.
Hope PI will have similar in this line

your all expections has been solved by pi trading platform just install and enjoy