Why Zerodha doesn't show all NIFTY options with different expiry day in same month?

I noticed on NSE website, it has options with expiry day as 2 JUL, 9 JUL, 16 JUL, 23 JUL, 30 JUL.

But kite platform shows only one for the whole month “NIFTY JUL *** *E”.

What is the reason for this? Second why Options in kite says “Expiry: NA”?

Refer to below screenshot. On top is 30 Jul Option (It is Monthly Option that’s why 30 Jul is not shown) below it are Weekly Expiry Option’s with their Expiry dates mentioned.

Ah, Thanks. I found the issue. I was searching using “nifty jul 10000 ce”. When you type “JUL”, it doesn’t show you weekly contracts because of some bug perhaps.