Why Zerodha employees not properly trained?

I am using PI and there was probelm so taken help from dealing room. Name Laxman. But he was even not knowing how to maximize order window. What to say? So many times I am facing such primary level thinking from employees. All employees at every time first ask for team viewer...they are so theoretical that it irritates in market hours. Why zerodha not get them well trained while dealing with client on phone as well as solving problem?

nothing like this thing that they are not well trained, but yes the problem is of some language, you know south indian language!

I am not saying anything about language. The person who has taken team view was not knowing how to maximize order window. He was taking server here and there for first few minutes and finally admitted that he dosen’t know it… This is fact . You can cross check with Mr. Laxman. in dealing room