Why Zerodha not implementing SEBI’s interoperability framework?

Yesterday, i.e. 09/12/2020, I bought SREIBNPNCD-NO at NSE at 700 Rs. and at the same time the price of same security was 850 Rs. in BSE and there was sufficient buyer so that I can exit my position. But when I placed sell order at BSE, the app did not allow me to sell. But there is SEBI framework that you can sell your position at other exchanges.

On BSE Website also they have provided in FAQs. Refer to this link https://www.bseindia.com/downloads1/FAQInteroperabilityFrameworkamongstClearingCorporations.pdf where on Page 3 1st point they have mentioned that “An investor trading through the same broker across exchanges will be eligible for netting benefits for his trades in a given security across exchanges.”

Again my question is when SEBI and BSE have specifically mentioned that buying on one exchange and selling on other exchange can be done, then why the biggest broker of India (in terms of clients) has not allowed it yet. This should be implemented as early as possible.

There was a reply by Nithin a few months back about this issue -

Also, that instrument that you were talking about (SREIBNPNCD-NO and 925SEFL22) still seems to have an arbitrage opportunity left in it. Currently, if a person tries to buy it on NSE, take delivery in their Demat and then sell it BSE, wouldn’t they still be able to make a profit from that opportunity (as it currently possible to sell on any of the exchange irrespective of which exchange an instrument is bought from, mentioned in a support page)?

Also, another question that I have, have other brokers also implemented these intraday Interoperability guidelines? I was able to find Upstox FAQ about this, but they also mentioned about issues with their OMS/RMS behind the delay.