Why Zerodha with Nithin - Episode 1

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I read an earlier thread where nithin mentioned that his brother runs a prop trading desk under a secondary membership. Is it possible to join that company as a trader? (Assuming you are already profitable off course)

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There are Sometimes Technical glitches from Your side and Sometimes from our side like problem in laptop or Network problem.In this time we have to sometime Exit the Order we have Placed urgently,so we call your Customers care service.But the Customer’s care services is on hold for so long times.That our Blood pressure keep on increasing as the phone is on hold for longer time.And sometime the Customer’s care don’t receive calls also.So please improve the Customer’s care services.As there is good amount of money on Trade at that Time.

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Nikhil runs https://www.truebeacon.com/. If you have a positive track record you can write to them with your performance and an overview of your trading strategy.


And also the podcast made by Ranveer aka beerbiceps and Nithin sir was awesome… :dizzy::dizzy::dizzy::dizzy:



I had a question, would it be possible to also share the latest AUM for Zerodha like Coin’s AUM has been shared?

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Hi Nithin,

A very interesting episode. Looking forward to the rest of the series.

One question though - what is the story behind the name ‘zerodha’?
You mentioned that zero brokerage (for equity delivery) in your 5th year. So, why zerodha?

@nithin you mentioned that there is always an insider in stocks who knows little more , but how does it affect me , i mean if i am on the right side of the trade maybe that insider is indirectly helping me , and if i am on the wrong side maybe that insider who starts buying or selling before me will help preventing gaps which is again good for me. (I am not talking about penny stock or operators).

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is it prop trading firm or Asset management firm ?

Does it including everything, means stocks lying with clients, deposits and zerodha own funds/stocks as well.

Got to know many things from the man himself about Zerodha…
Really inspiring to know about Zerodha’s journey.
I wish and hope you will continue to inspire and grow much bigger and keep the core values intact.

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Is there a plan to enter into Bitcoin trading platform?

Nithin remarked about this in another thread -

If by AUM you mean the total value of client securities sitting in their Demat account- it is > Rs 50,000 crores (at the current Nifty around 13000 levels).


Ah damn, forgot to answer this in the video. :slight_smile:

We named the company Zerodha, a combination of Zero and “Rodha”, the Sanskrit word for barrier.

It wasn’t every about Zero brokerage, it was about removing all barriers for traders and investors.

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It doesn’t affect you if you are investing for the long term. If the insider is invested, you are on the right side of the investor.

But unlike investing, trading F&O or intraday is a zero-sum game. Someone has to make money for someone to lose. So you can potentially be either in the same direction or against the insider if any.

Asset management firm, it is a Category 3 - Alternate investment fund (AIF)

Not until the regulators explicitly allow.

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They can do intraday trading in equities ? Or they focus on long term investment.

I had a suggestion. Would it be possible to feature statistics like these on Zerodha’s homepage itself (besides other stats like total customers)? Statistics like these could further convince users to become Zerodha’s customers.

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Long term investments.

Btw intraday trading stops making sense once the capital increases significantly.