Wider view of Stock Markets

Most stats and studies are primarily done on the US markets, but this article takes a wider view of market returns across multiple world markets… interesting…


I think above data helps us be aware of the risk - but the data isn’t wider in the right perspective.

Below data (since 1990) is more apt

Country Benchmark Current Value (in S&P 500 terms) Gain since Nov 26, 1990
:us: United States S&P 500 3,168 +901%
:hong_kong: Hong Kong Hang Seng Comp. 2,926 +824%
:de: Germany DAX 30 2,913 +820%
:canada: Canada S&P/TSX Comp. 1,717 +444%
:fr: France CAC 40 1,160 +268%
:uk: United Kingdom FTSE 100 1,072 +238%
:jp: Japan Nikkei 225 315 +1%
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Isn’t this cherry-picking data to fit a desired narrative? :slight_smile:

If not, then why is this more apt?
What factors lead you to believe that the more recent data is more relevant/significant?


33 years is long enough imo - maybe cherry picking in the sense we are looking at a period devoid of World Wars and serious plagues, and in the internet/digital era with open markets and easier participation in securities…