Will i be able to sell the stocks that i bought on T(trading day) or only after T2(it hits my demat account)?

if i buy a share in eq segment on the trading day(T) using CNC
on the next day it becomes (T1)
if the price of the stock hits my target price and sell it on T1, when will the funds reflect my account. or will i be able to sell the stocks on T2 after the stocks hits my demat account.

Technically you can sell on T1, this is how BTST works. But its best if you can sell it on T+2 to avoid the consequences of a short sell, check this - http://zerodha.com/z-connect/queries/stock-and-fo-queries/consequences-of-short-delivery-nse-bse

Yes you can able to sell the stock at any time or before t+2 as well. what is the risk in BTST ? refer following link.

Margin - if you sell the stock on same day than you can able to use that money for next trad but you can not withdraw it before T+2 day.

hello sir thanks for the replay. i bought shares using CNC on 07/02/2017
on 09/02/2017 i thought it was T2 and sold the stock it resulted in a short trade. still i see T1 quantity as 14 and quantity as 0. what should i do now?