Will limit buy order get executed at best price if price drops suddenly

Yes, Limit Buy order will execute your order at a price less than or equal to the price you have given, vice versa; Limit sell order will execute your order at a price greater than equal to limit price.

If you don’t want this to happen, give a stop loss order with a trigger price. Say currently the price is 100 Rs and you want to buy only if trend is strong above 105 Rs. If you give normal limit buy order it will be executed at 100 Rs. The the solution is to give stop loss buy order with trigger price of 105 and limit price of any value above 105 that you are willing to buy. Let’s assume limit price of 106. So, whenever price hits 105 a limit order for 106 is placed and same thing as mentioned in the previous paragraph happens.

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i would suggest to use stop loss buy orders as in case of limit order it gets executed soon but in case of stop loss buy it will absolutely execute only at price which you have provided and it is less risky then limit order.i have suffered much from limit buy order and always be in loss.