Will my order get filled?

Copper cmp 350

I want to buy 70 lots at cmp and sell at 355 . Will this work as the maximum lot size for copper is 70.

What are the disadvantages in this type of order.

Copper is not a very liquid contract, so if you are trying to buy and sell 70 lots at market price, you might end up losing 50 to 70 paise in impact cost itself. For 70 lots it could be as much as Rs 35000. So if your plan is to do quick trades, copper might not be the best instrument with a 70 lot order size.

But if your plan is to buy/sell as overnight trades, then it should be okay.

nithinji what are the other instruments for such trades.

Overnight trade means ? intraday right ?

Overnight means positional…intraday means within the day squareoff…

Crude is probably the most liquid contract. So if you are trading big quantities for quick trades, the best option in commodity.