Will NIFTY make a NEW All Time HIGH , This JULY 2018?

  • YES, New All time High this JULY.
  • NO.
  • I have no Views, I just like to read what others say.

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Will Nifty Close Green or Red Today? Monday 8th OCT 2018

Can voter or op see those who voted? How to change a vote once casted?


This option has been disabled. Many users don’t participate because they don’t want to be proved wrong, in case. Hopefully anonymity will encourage more users to participate.

Yes, you can select another option of your choice.



On a separate note, how is fyers trading platform (web site) and customer service.

One thing they are offering is linking my existing demat account with fyers’ trading account. So I can use the low cost brokerage for my investment activities as well.


110% Yes, no operator or Trump can stop it from happening


I use their web platform for Charts, since its very convenient to my needs,
Have not dealt with their Customer Service for any issues, since I don’t Trade from it.

I have my Zerodha Demat linked to the Trading Account at Fyers.


You cannot. You can only trade F&O and EQ intraday if I remember correctly.


Don’t underestimate Trump’s stupidity.


I dont trade in cash segment. its only for investment. Brokerage with the bank where I hold investmt demant account is high


200% NOT :wink:


bang on @Newbie420!