Will OpenFin Platforms benefit Indian Brokers Terminals?

@nithin What’s your take on OpenFin Platforms ? Share your thoughts.

Openfin is an interesting project. It offers a boilerplate framework with several trading components baked in. If you were to start building a brand new trading terminal, you may consider using it to save considerable time rather than building something from scratch.

However, it’s not a silver bullet. It uses a browser engine (HTML5+CSS+JS) to emulate desktop components, so performance issues are apparent. Moreover, it’s very opinionated about how a trading platform should look and feel–widgetised, which may or may not work for certain platforms. Considering the rise of sophisticated web and mobile trading platforms, not sure if a sole focus on desktop applications are warranted.

Summing it up, it’s basically a framework for developers and most likely will not have any impact on any existing Indian terminals. As said, the probability of someone forgoing web and mobile to build a new desktop trading platform is also low.