Will orders fill if all follow one strategy?

just curious to know,if many traders say for example follows MACD+RSI in a particular scrip daily and more and more followers enter daily,will orders get filled or doesn’t fill?

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Those get filled don’t worry. I think retail traders only follow these technical systems. There are lot of FII and hedge funds analyze differently.

For suppose they also follow the same system also orders get filled because System is same but Time frame may be the different. Intraday traders use 1 min, 5 min charts, Swing traders use 1 hour charts, Positional traders use day charts like this. The same setup also gives different results in different time frames.

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Incase you have a buy setup, who will sell to you if all follow the same strategy?


Price moves mostly due to market orders and market orders fill you in, regardless of MACD+RSI crossover. The Limit Order Books will always contain orders on both buy and sell sides, which enables the fill.

If you are initiating a limit order based on your setup, then you may need to wait to get a fill or until a counter order of market type comes in.

Basically all cannot trigger orders based on same price value and same timing, which rules out the possibility of everyone following same strategy.

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The beauty about financial markets is that there are always people with different views. If everyone’s view is the same, then the stock moves up or down enough to factor in that view and get people in with another view.

So yeah hypothetically if everyone wanted to just buy a stock based on a particular strategy, the stock price will move up until there is a seller.

But technical analysis or any other strategy will never ever be able to take over the movement of a stock like the way you have asked. News/fundamentals might make everyone buy it at one time, but not technical analysis or any other trading strategies.

are you still trading crude,once i s aw ur strategy with cci…is it still profitable?

Ya. But made few changes to that.

what is that brother?cos im following that.and i should thank to you…

I am really feeling proud that my strategy is working for you also. Generally lot of people not sharing their strategy. Lot of senior members also say that one traders strategy may not work for others. Ok. You are interested I will share it.
I changed the timeframe to 1 min. CCI periods is 100. Go long when CCI cross up 50. Stop exit is cross down 0. Normal exit is raise above 100 and cross down 100.
Go short when CCI cross down -50. Stop exit is cross up 0. Normal exit is dip below -100 and cross up -100.
If you can do any modification for the system to improve efficiency please share it over here.

ok brother definitely.