Will we ever get to daytrade US stocks from India

As we know interactive brokers do allow us to open a cash account, which also enables us to daytrade stocks in us.

This problem can create confusion for noobies who don’t know all the rbi circulars properly.

Will daytrading become legal(US exchange just going long with no margin) ever?

How will RBI keep track of people who didn’t know about not doing daytrading instead it’s to invest only?

Even RBI never gives any replies to make their citizens aware, all they care is about their own money!

Hello sir
I think we are permitted to use a cash account for buying US stocks,
And we can day trade until we are using the settled funds, (No margin and derivatives)
Please let me know if I’m wrong,
I’m planning on opening a cash account with Tastyworks
Please reply
Please help