Will you apply for the boAt IPO?

Tell your views on Boat IPO.

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No IPOs for me. Waste of time.

and money

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Not sure about it’s valuations or IPO pricing, but for what this company has achieved in terms of direct Business to Consumer selling for consumer electronics, that’s an amazing achievement.

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No point in applying for any ipo. If it’s a good IPO, getting an allotment is highly unlikely. If it’s expensive, you can buy it cheap from the market after listing


Most retail investors are applying only for speculating on the listing gains. They can’t make listing gains from buying it after the company gets listed, can they ?

@prakash1975 Definitely not. But if there are chances of significant listing gains then the demand will be so high that chances of allotment will be negligible. Ultimately we will just up blocking our money for a few days which we can otherwise use in market to earn something even if it’s peanuts

I think yes.
Boat has been a revolutionary Indian brand in the field of audio and sound accessory manufacture. The Indian band which was launched recently 2014, the growth of the company has skyrocketed. By providing sleek, stylish, and good quality products to customers, customers also get a sense of satisfaction because the products are affordable, and the customer service is well handled. It also went on to sponsor the biggest cult of India - IPL T-20.

Keeping a tracked analysis of all the historical data of boAt, I think it is a good IPO to buy.

You mean they did a great job buying products made in China, slapped a sticker, and sold in India.

Company seems to be doing well, but their ear phones suck! Growth trajectory looks impressive!

what about headphones & speakers? are they best in this niche

the only thing I like about boat is their stunner name, simple yet distinguishing

Ya but if you ever used their products they last longer than two year thats value for money i dont think they will loose there customers very soon because of their good quality products i dont know about other but i always find there products value for money thats how indian markets work indian prefer value for money deals agar aisa nahi hot toh mi one plus realme a sab brand kab ke band hote if chinese companies can do it why not any indian?