Will you leave on the table

Say, i have a strategy which can see 1R returns most times.

As usual, you have some options:

  1. Book everything out at 1R
  2. Wait for bigger profits.

What will you do if it were you?

Frankly depends on the position size and the nature of trade.

If it is an intraday trade, It makes sense to book majority (if not atleast 50% at 1x) and let the trade run if needed.

For positional trades, its all together different, I would only book 25% at 1x and then trail my posiiton.

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It’s intraday and i see 1R almost in every trade. Then i wait for 2R.

Answer is simple. If you can record a large sample of such trades - over many years - test what returns you get at 1X / 2X etc, check max drawdown and other things to evaluate your returns and compare. If you see something significantly better, then use that.

1R in almost every trade probably implies sample size is low and you are testing in a very favorable market. Otherwise if stop is at -1R and win rate is say 80-90% at 1R target - then that is holy grail system … Or perhaps there is something missing. Best way to find out is to execute in real markets.

I could tell you what i have seen, but best answer is found by testing things yourself. That is the only way to build trust in your system, assuming its deserving of it. If its not, atleast you have an answer and can look at something else to try. For me, being able to ask the market and get an answer was the difference between failure and potential success. All the stuff that i had read and learned only came together once i starting testing things out.

It’s real market only. Perhaps I got the holy grail.

I actually doubt that’s a holy grail because the way you take trade is using no indicators and using some ultra instinct sense and take some direction mostly by volatility market open. There is nothing concrete here. It’s kinda like those price action traders. They are always confused too with support & resistance, Fibonacci , trend lines. Now does it work ? Well if it works for you good for you , But!! Remember this ,the decision fatigue is very very high!! So after some 3 trades you are bound to make mistakes and God forbid if your very first trade of the day goes sideways and takes a massive toll on you which subsequently knocks off other trades.

Probably the best strategy for you based on the way you trade is book everything at 1R. That reduces the decision fatigue.

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I don’t need indicators. I don’t have decision fatigue, as I take max 2 trades, and my time exposure is pretty narrow.

Why will i wait for hours or days if I get 1R + within 2 mins - 30 mins? I have my stop loss to exit me out.

And i don’t draw lines. Well, you can say, some people just go by instinct.

@anon99108009 chip me in.

The best way to approach this.

How much do you leave on the table / how do you exit your trade?

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Well in that case there is something simple you can do. Switch your chart to heikin ashi the moment it hits 1R. If you took a long trade and the previous heikin ashi candle is short , exit the trade. If you took a long trade and the previous heikin ashi candle is long means price can move to your direction. Take half of your position size out bring your stoploss to price you entered. That way you have nothing to lose.

Note :- dont take trade looking at heikin ashi chart . That can confuse you. Change to heikin ashi after you hit 1R

I have arrived to a point where I experimented with insanity. I have tried heikin ashi and many more else.

Hey thanks anyway.

I poked you couple of times and you want to (Read) in off market hours.

Specially, when we are dealing with intraday. You can’t apply same logics forever. You won’t go anywhere in this oceanic money world.

We are dealing with uncertain dynamics! Which you want to capture ( R ) logics. Question yourself. If this is so easy? Wouldn’t everyone settle into it?

To your complex issue i can’t simply write here.

It’s a subject you need to pay strict focus for a while before reaching R stage.

You want solution? DM :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

We need formulas not philosohies beb. :thinking::shushing_face:

Hey, Whats is the accuracy of your strategy ? Accuracy and risk reward should be seen together.

ok cool, Ill try to assume that you are serious…

  1. Already gave answer on 1x vs more. That’s the best way i know.

  2. Try to test - backtest/forward - as much as possible and verify your edge. This also allows you to understand your risk - max dd / max per day / returns By max DD etc etc. See if you can take more trades and check how it effects returns and DD. Find a sweet spot.

  3. Since you already may have a great system, fussing over (endless) optimization can be left for later. Instead deploy capital, make money. Can start lower - say 20% of your capital and make money. Once you get confidence, keep adding more.

  4. compound it : so that you make more money per year, and also can live with reduced returns in future if it happens

  5. Above all, manage your risk. Keep max DD manageable and assume future drawdowns will be 2x historical. Manage max per day risk too.

  6. Try to diversify into multiple systems. Perhaps does not matter as you already have holy grail. Perhaps it will only make it worse…

And then i guess start advising us mortals too.
And you will probably reach your target soon enough. Then what ?

I make a third option and that is to NOT trade.

there has always to be that person in the group, right??

yes. otherwise where is the fun?

why are you looking for fun here?

there has to be signals. I don’t know about others but
I don’t follow this 1R, 2R thing, I look for exit signals,
if the exit is very far to entry price, I keep looking for opportunity until a favourable one strikes

The answer to this question is :- are you sure market is going to trend and price is going to move in your direction after you hit 1R ? . that’s the thing you need to find out.

Well if you don’t want tools to find trend then you might need to find a way to know if volume or volatility is still there. But nonetheless if you are continuing it is recommended to take half the position away. Let the rest ride, as far rest if you are unsure how to exit use trailing stoploss

why bro? why :sob:

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