Wipro buy back dates


What is the buy back price of Wipro and also the record date for the same??


The date for commencement of the Wipro Buyback hasn’t been announced yet. Here are some details available though: The Company proposes to buyback up to 34,37,50,000 shares at a price of Rs.320 over a period of 12 months via the tender offer route.

More specific details about the buy back on this link.

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Hi @BharatW Does retail eligible to participate in this Tender Offer ? If YES, how one should go about it. Thanks

Yes, retail traders can participate in the tender offer. The tender offer process has been explained for TCS in the link below, the same process applies for Wipro as well.

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Hello Bharat,

I received an offer for buyback but the problem is i already sold my shares before few days. May I eligible for buyback if i purchase share now.


Yes, You’ll be eligible if buy back those share from open market.

Thank you Bharat

@prash_u @ganeshmalpani2 (1) BUYBACK 2019 @ 325 per share direct from shareholders at a fixed price . will need postal ballot approval and promoters are participating
(2)last time it was 99% acceptance ratio in December 2017 at 320 per share for Reserved category . it was for those who held maximum 699 shares on record date .
(3)It may not be 99% this time since 1:3 bonus issued in March 2019 but i am expecting close to 75%.
(4)ONE JUST CAN NOT FIND OUT shareholding pattern of those holding maximum up to rs 2 lakh worth of shares as per Closing MARKET PRICE on record date till company releases offer document of buyback, for simple reason that Record date will be after about 45 days from now AND BSE/NSE shareholding pattern shows those holding up to rs 2 lakh CAPITAL means face value 2 ONE LAKH shares wherein we want is market value.