Withdrawal of SEBI SCORES Complaint

I registered complaint 3 times regarding my broker. First 2 complains were on same topic. (Both Closed)

complaint was regarding CDSL EASIEST Transfer Request rejection. However, later broker and I sorted it out ourselves.

But the 3rd case is still in “SEND ACTION TAKEN REPORT” on SEBI SCORES.

Since the problem is resolved, can I withdraw it by saying problem resolved?

I filed complain on 4 August 2020 but me and broker solved problem on 10 August 2020.

Edit: Earlier broker didn’t helped so I had to file complaint. But after filing complaint, broker helped. Not sure if broker helped due to SEBI SCORES complaint. But my problem is now resolved.

Edit 2: Since me and broker solved issue together, can broker reply to SEBI that problem was already solved or something and put me into trouble intentionally?


I must say! You are the most confused user I’ve seen in last two years in this blog. Whatever the action you take from now on, Make sure you know it very well or else, I’m pretty sure you will be SUSHANTH OF MARKET. First educate yourself in everything and take steps towards it slowly. And it I make a rough guess is this all about 5 paisa shit you posted days ago?

Yeah, 5Paisa thing.

But would you mind answering the question?

Just ignore! Nobody f with you. Its nothing.

So I just wait for complaint to be resolved? Or should I drop email to CDSL (complain was forwarded to them) that my problem is resolved so close it?

You can just ignore, nobody trace your issue. In case if you asked to give feedback, Feelfree and mention whatever happened. if you are still concerned too. JUST IGNORE. NOT A BIG DEAL. 5 PAISA DESERVE THAT ANYWAY

You sure SEBI SCORES Complaint is not that big serious thing? It’s just normal redressal thing not come ONLINE COURT?

Depends on the size of issue and impact caused due the broker’s fault. Your case really a piece

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I got emails from CDSL EASIEST regarding transfer request rejection (which I can use as proof if needed).

So I guess I don’t have to worry now. I’m also going to drop them email from my side and get the issue closed.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

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Yeah! You worry too much. You should chill up.

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Just new in these things so I panic quickly. :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll fix myself now. Don’t worry. Haha

That’s what I said, Educate yourself before doing anything in this market. Read carefully.

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Sorry but just wondering, what could be the maximum thing that can go wrong in my case? I mean my complaint? :frowning:

Lol! Why are you so worried? I raise tens of complaints years ago. All issues solved automatically and later I didn’t even look back on complaints book. You should wait for others to respond. What I mainly concern is whether my issue is solved or not. Later I really don’t f with anyone, I don’t care. Unless my issues are noticed and solved

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Lool, thanks a lot bud. I understand the thing now. :smiley:

@ShubhS9 Drop your comments if you’ve any on this. Thanks :smiley:

Dropped email to CDSL regarding same. They said they’ve marked complaint as resolved and withdrawn as per as my request.

You were right, I just got some bad overthinking and overworrying (for no reason of course) disease somehow. I’ll fix it. Haha.