World news for us

A troop of 12000 US soldiers and their modern US Aircrafts near North Korea showing strong chance of a fight…Stock market will tremble and crash?

Intraday Traders Don’t care about anything.
They adapt as per the Current situation.

Although we Don’t Like Sideways Market, We want Volatility in Market. That’s all we Need.

We’ll see short term effects.

Don’t worry… See Dow Jones got a gap up opening today :slight_smile:

Dow Jones & Nasdaq got a gap up, could we impy a positive gap up open in our markets tomorrow?

I will send the report I got from a press reporter in Malayalam if it is allowed by our group rules…

I got it in whatsappis it permitted admins?

Nifty got a gap up on friday & today but problem is … it is not able to sustain it.