Wrong entries in AIS

Today I checked my AIS. Everything is wrong. TDS doesn’t match with 26AS. Interest received from Term deposit/SB account are under reported. In case of dividends received, some entries are missing and in case of sale/purchase of shares many purchase transactions have been reported as Off Market and Buy amount 0.
What should I do? Should I correct each and every transaction or directly file the ITR?
In case department asks for explanation, I’ve proofs of everything.

File the ITR, if the department asks tell them you know @Jason_Castelino

Huge disclaimer: This is a joke!

Does he? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Go by your documents. Keep reconciliation for the difference ready. Later you will not remember when you get a notice.

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Even if I really know him, so what? Is he an Income tax commissioner or Chairman of CBDT?


It is possible that there is a mismatch in the amount shown in Form 26AS and AIS. However, you can verify the actual amount of dividend received and TDS deducted from your bank account, and add the actual amount in your ITR.

A discrepancy may not always lead that you have concealed information; it may instead be the result of an AIS error, which should have been reported to the IT department in the form of feedback. The options for feedback are mentioned under the e-Campaign option on the income tax Compliance Portal home page.

Here’s how you can Submit feedback on e-Compliance Portal - Learn by Quicko.

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This is when you transfer from another broker directly, so they don’t have buy price actually.

But i also noticed multiple incorrect information in AIS even for normal market sell where sale price is different then the one recorded. I have just provided feedback on AIS and corrected with the sale amount that i have from my broker individually for all trades…

Edit: I also had some trades that were actually for previous financial year that was taken at the end of march shown incorrectly too, so also corrected them…

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You have the option to submit response in AIS.After submitting the correct responses file the ITR

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Yes, I know that. But there are not one or two wrong entries which I can easily rectify using feedback. Too many entries from top to bottom are wrong. Entries don’t match with 26as as well which itself is a document of income tax department.There are hundreds of entries. If I start verifying each and every entry, it will take lot of time.

How Joint Bank Account is shown in AIS ?

it for First Holder or second or both ?

Hi @Private

The interest on the joint bank account will be shown in the AIS of the primary holder.

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what if it shown in secondary holder’s AIS ? do I have to report it to correct it ?if primary and secondary person do not file ITR ( income below taxable income ).

Hi @Private

In that case, you can submit feedback on the AIS stating to be shown in the primary person’s AIS by mentioning the primary person’s PAN.