Wrting options margin requirements

What margin would be locked if I want to sell 1 lot bank nifty at the money option only for intraday.

Sir you will be charged a full margin on selling of options. You can check with Zerodha Margin calculator

But I will square of my trade before 320 pm. I want to use MIS order type. Would it still be the same.

I think around 40 to 45 k for one lot intraday

Check the calculator

Margin calculator

is this for intraday/MIS also?

Intraday and mis are same. I think you are asking about nrml.

No, margins for mis is lower than normal. Normal order needs more margin

Whats the margin for MIS, can you tell me?

As I mentioned already, margin required for shorting intraday or MIS is around 40 to 45 k for strikes near the spot. If you choose deep ITM options then the price maybe close to 60000 or more

While the calculator mentions margins for futures separately for NRML or MIS, there’s only one margin given for option selling. This is approximately the futures margin at ATM, and goes higher with in the money. Credit for premium is also given.

Hi all, I have a doubt in Margin calculator.

I sold an NIFTY weekly option last week Option Heading pattern, the Zerodha calculator showed I need 52K to carry forward the position. I had some 55K in my account so I took the position.

On the day 1 I was in a loss of Rs -238 so second day I got a message I am short will margin of 2K, then I added 2.5K.

On the day 2 I was in a loss of Rs - 702 so again I got a message I am short with my fund so pls add fund to avoid auto square Off, so again I added 3K.

On expiry day I got a profit of 2K but I got confused to avoid the auto square off loss I have been adding fund and finally I got profit.

Then how to know the exact amount of Margin required to take 50K position and an approximate amount to take this positions.