YES Bank 3 Year Lock In - How will it be implemented?

How does the Lock In of 3 years for Retail work?

Could anyone please explain in lay man terms please

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It’s not applicable for retail investors, it’s for financial institutions who have invested in Yes Bank (SBI, ICICI, HDFC etc.) These investors aren’t allowed to sell their stake in Yes Bank for period of three years.

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The news article below says it is for existing Retail Investors too.

Would like to know how it will be implemented. Will it show less in Demat Holdings or will it show 75/25?

How does it work?

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Can we trade in Yes bank future now ??

No. It’s applicable to retail investors also. But not to those who are buying after 13th March in secondary market.

Those who have bought yes bank shares before 13th March 2020 and holding 100 or more shares, will not be able to sell 75 percent of their holding for 3 years. Those having 99 or less quantity can exit. Investors buying yes Bank share of value 2 at the price 10 will also have to keep 75 percent of their investment for 3 years.

Has anyone got an allocation of shares purchased of YES Bank on 13th March, 2020.

Yes, they started showing around 18th march on my upstox account, so I reckon it would be the same for the zerodha ones. 75% of those are only visible in the back office portal (console in case of zerodha) and 25% in the trading terminal. If you check on CDSL website, they show all the shares and also mention the lock in.