Yesbank how come such a huge price drop, and why charts not reflecting?


Can someone please help me to understand this?
I had traded YESBANK in the past, and the price was around 1700 and the lot size of the futures i guess was 300.

Today, suddenly i noticed, the price dropped to 364, and when i see the daily charts of YESBANK, as when the price dropped, it is not reflecting.

This is not the only case with Zerodha, but when i checked the charts of my other broker account, it was same.
What am i missing? Why the charts not reflecting this huge drop in YESBANK?

Please enlighten me.

Stock had a stock split of 5:1

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Check this one. Split in the Ratio 5:1.

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Oh, so there was a stock split, but why doesn’t daily charts reflect that?

Thanks, but doesn’t charts reflect that?

Charts will be reflected on the Split day, but after that charts will be adjusted with the new Face value. same thing happens for any stock when there is a split or bonus. You can also check reliance giving bonus in the ratio of 1:1 and then the charts have been adjusted, hope you’ve got it. :+1:

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