You can now ask companies, banks to delete your Aadhaar data

If one insists on doing so, the person will need to provide other authentication documents such as passport, voter ID, and a bank statement.

Can we use the same aadhaar card for Identification / authentication ?

COPY -PASTE from a news website : I wanted to upgrade our car, so I approached a bank for a loan. I had every possible document – my career record (salary slips), gas bills, property papers, bank account details, and so on,"
Everything was on track, till the bank asked for a copy of his Aadhaar card.
“When I said I didn’t have one, they said they could not sanction a loan.”
So he approached another bank, and then another.
Frustrated, but determined not to succumb, i called the car dealership to cancel the booking.
The dealer, also determined to make a sale, contacted the bank and convinced it to sanction the loan.
And yet it was the car dealer, and not he, who finally got the bank to do the job without an Aadhaar number, he adds, appalled
Aadhar bina kisi base (aadhar ) ka hai !