Your goal as a trader is not to make money...but to get rich!

Paradox of trading is that less you focus on money chances are you get more. Money is one of the strongest emotional factors of the modern man. Biggest problem associated with traders who are focused on money is that they are emotionally imbalanced. Remember making money is the by product of trading well.

Rather than focusing on trading, if your focus is solely on money then you are not emotionally stable to follow trading strategy. If you focus on your trading you will cut your losses because your rules says so and you will let you your winners run. Successful traders always protect capital and leave unnecessary risks to others.

Once you create or agree to a trading strategy then focus on following the trading system. Whatever investigation you want to do about the profitability of your strategy, please do it before you start trend trading.

Traders who trade well let the market come to them. They are extremely patient and disciplined. They wait for the perfect setup and entry point. If that perfect point doesn’t come along, oh well, they wait for the next one knowing that another chance is just around the corner.

Traders who trade well don’t trade simply for the excitement of the trade because they have become addicted to the thrill. They don’t trade out of boredom or when they are sick or tired. They don’t trade especially if they have stress in their life that disallows their full focus on the market. Successful traders always abide by their trading rules and never stray from them.

PS: Successful trader’s mindset is one that’s of abundance.

Have a great weekend and week ahead!
I wish you best.