Your trading margin breakup

Future and option seller traders, how is your Margin breakup with which you trade?
Let’s say your trading capital is 10L, so how much is

  • Cash -
  • Cash-collateral - Liquid fund/ Gilts / gold-bonds?
  • Non-cash collateral - Risky debt funds or equity?

At least on paper, taking the 50:50 rule in mind an ideal breakup would be 3 L cash (cause MTM), 2 L Cash-Collateral and 4L Non-cash.

45 percent equity
45 percent cash collateral
10 percent cash.

55% cash collateral
45% cash

60% cash collateral
40% cash
and I’m thinking of adding equal cash and pledging some non-cash components.

90% cash collateral,
10% cash.

94-96% cash collateral
4-6% cash (as cash hits 6%, 2% is moved to collateral)

95% cash collateral
4% equity
1% cash in ledger

35% cash collateral
50% equity collateral
15% cash.

About half of my eq collateral is in balanced MF.