Zeordha Coin platform

Hi Zerodha & team

again U have done great job for MF investator,

as I am Mf Investor, having… some Suggestion’s to add in ur Coin,

As i am having an Lumsump ammount to invest in mutual Fund, Insteded of investing in SIP format, in equity,

I will keep my money Debt Fund or Liquid fund, & from that Fund I will make STP to Equity Fund on Daily or Weekly basis … in Equity. fund…

where my money is also Growing in DEBT fund & my STP (Systematic Transfer Plan) in equity fund also…
taking place without any hassal…

so my request you pl Provide is Facility also in Coin.

Best Regards

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Zerodha Team please reply on this query about STP facility from liquid fund

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We currently don’t have the Systematic Transfer Plan option on Coin yet, but it is on our list of things to do.

Have we started Systematic Transfer Plan (STP) option on Coin platform ? it is almost 4 months zerodha has initiated this platform and this essential tool is missing

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STP is an essential tool, without it it will always lag behind other common trading platforms like ICICIDirect, kindly induce it asap, don’t want to plan with other brokers as I am a fan of zerodha platform.


Hi Zerodha,

Kindly update the status regarding STP facility.

Do we know when STP will be introduced in Coin ? @nithin

This involves building our own layer. We are working on it but will take some time.

Any Update on SWP and STP facility on coin platform ?

It is a Long Overdue demand Now

Hope the Development team understands this and takes quick action to implement this…

Dear Team,
I am looking for STP feature. Please include asap.

what are the advantages and disadvantages of investing in Mutual funds using normal Zerodha platform and Coin. Thanking you,

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Dear team, I am still hopeful to get a reply. Is it not possible to buy mutual fund direct plans on regular zerodha platform? If yes than why one should prefer coin platform than regular zerodha platform?

Any updates guys? STP is an essential part and would make Coin/zerodha very very helpful!