Zerodha Account Opening - Required Docs issue

For the bank account proof - is cancelled cheque alone sufficient?
The problem is it has MICR, IFSC & A/c no but no customer name. Also for banks like ICICI, HDFC we don’t have photo afixed passbooks and in my case the ICICI bank statement does not have name only A/c no is present. So how to solve this issue to avoid rejection?

@lindo Can you.

You will have to merge these two documents and submit. The support article here explains how you can do this:

Sure I can do the merging of the docs as per article but both stmt & cancelled cheque don’t have name - is that ok?

@lindo - Could you pls provide the details?

These banks must be sending you account statements on email periodically, you should be able to find them in your email, you can share that with us. Else you can reach out to the banks to email the latest statements. That will work as well.

@lindo - I have no issues with the bank statements - I have them and can also download them instantly - The problem is they don’t have customer name only a/c no is there (this is the case with ICICI). Hope u are getting the point.

Got the issue, you will have to contact the bank and get this updated to proceed with the account opening. We do have a validation process to check the name in the account, but in your case, that may not return any value and hence won’t work.

@lindo Just one more question can we upload photos of the cancelled cheque/PAN instead of scanned copies?

Photo works, can you share your contact details here, will have someone from the team call and assist you.

@lindo - Thanks - I have submitted my application online (it said Congratulations application is complete - After finish button - it said Failed to get regulations ) - Could you pls let me know if everything is successful ?

@lindo There is no tracking Id also - don’t know how to track progress

@lindo - Everything went well - My account is opened - Will need further support if any issues in using the services

Hi Vijay,

For support: we have a comprehensive support portal. Tradingqna is intended to be a discussion forum. :slight_smile:

Sure :+1: