Zerodha Brokerage per Trade or per Executed Order.?

If I place single buy order for xyz stock 2000 qty in BRACKET ORDER. If the order get fully executed in 10 attempts. That is filled 200 qty 1st then 200 and so on ..and the same thing happen when I sell or system sell that stock, again 10 attempts to sell it in 200 qty at once. 

My Q is what will be Zerodha brokerage in this scenario.

Will it be Rs. 40 ( Buy brokerage Rs. 20 + Sell brokerage Rs. 20) as I place 2000 qty in one Single Limit Order.


Will it be Rs. 400 ( Buy brokerage Rs. 200 + Sell brokerage Rs. 200 ) as it executed in 10 different orders.

What if I do same with COVER ORDER .. then Brokerage??     and 

What if I do just MIS. No Cover Order and No Bracket Order.. then Brokerage??

Lot of traders esply new to zerodha like me want to know ...

How you really charge..? 

Zerodha official persons, could you please clarify this issue...


When you place an entry bracket order, there is only one order number, so irrespective of how many trades it takes to fill, the brokerage charged will be only Rs 20.

But for every fill there is a separate exit/SL orders placed, with different order numbers. So every exit/SL when executed will be treated as a separate order for calculating brokerage.

So if an order to execute got filled in 5 trades, entry order only Rs 20 brokerage, since there are now 5 separate exit orders, brokerage will be 5 x 20 = Rs 100.


Is it same for all orders types or only to Bracket Orders … I mean what if I place Cover order or just plain MIS order not using bracket or cover.

hi, if i am not mistaken, are you saying that the system will charge 20rs for every trade fill. because it should not as it is a single order, no matter how the order get executed it should be considered 1 order. so brokerage should be 20 rs or 0.01% whichever is lower.

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@nithin Sir, Then what is the point of using bracket order if it does not protect the traders? when we take a trade, there are only two transactions a buy and a sale.
which should be 20+20=Rs40
but, for bracket order when we take a trade, we charged Rs20 for taking the position, but the execution of the order in multiple suborders is not in traders hand, so, if it executed in multiple sub-order, we charged more than 40 in just a complete trade!!
we when, take a trade never placed multiple order, we placed two orders of buy and sale.
trader A and B place a trade of 100 quantity and earned same MTM
but, trader A charged more because his order executed in multiple suborders and trader B earns more because luckily he gets 100 orders executed at one time!

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@nithin There should be an option to merge exit bracket orders

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Yes, This is the correct answer. Now matter how many attempts has made to execute order, Brokerage is 0.01 % or 20 Rs whichever is less.

It will be Rs. 400.

Hi i have question

if i have executed an order for 100 shares (intraday) and after some time if i add 100 shares on same order what will be the brokerage. Since it is the same order the brokerage has to be only Rs.20/- right?

Right, charge is based on order ID, so this will have same order ID.

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If I exited the order and again add in the same order, then what is the brokerage?

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How can you add more quantity once full order is completed? if it is pending you can modify quantity.

So, what I understand is if I execute an order say 10 share of infy (intraday) it is one order right? Without exiting this order if I add 10 more shares of infy it becomes new order? So totally 2 orders right?

I don’t know why you are so confused about this, I am not sure how to put it here, please message me your ID, I can arrange a call back to you.

Today, I placed an order to Sell 4 lots of Voltas Futures at Price 1048. Only 1 lot got executed at Price 1048. Later I modified the SAME order to Sell remaining 3 lots at Price 1047. After few minutes all the 3 lots got executed at Price 1047.

My question is: what is the brokerage charge for this Sell transaction. Rs.20 or Rs.40?

Can anyone please answer. Thanking you in advance…

A single order can execute over multiple trades but it will be considered as one order only. So the brokerage will be Rs. 20.

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