Zerodha feature request kite

hi, every time we want to place an order the order quantity needs to be typed in kite(website). could you create a default quantity size , like we click the order window and just decide the price.
Also add the feature of just click one button and SELL AT MARKET or BUY AT MARKET options. i will show u a pic from TRADESTATION.
now since the maximum quantity in an order has decreased and it is getting too cumbersome to place multiple orders in NIFTY and BANKNIFTY OPTIONS.

Are you suggesting a drop down of quantity with default options like 50/100/150/200 and so on? In my personal opinion, it’s not a user friendly design to do that, since the quantity per lot keeps getting changed by exchanges. When you access that window for the first time, it does show you the default quantity if its Nifty Index option or BNF index option but if you want to order for more, you have to manually write the quantity you need.

The suggestion can be incorporated though with a + and - sign. You simply click the + option to add another lot or - to reduce the lot size. Not sure if Zerodha would be keen to change the interface as per this logic but wanted to give my thoughts!

Not a drop down of quantity, the option for a person to choose a particular quantity he types in as his default trading quantity, say I trade with 150 Nifty options as a single order, it is but obvious i will use this quantity throughout the day(90 percent of the time) so there should be an option to select a default quantity with which the order opens and only target price needs to be set.
Ofcourse someone can type in new quantity too if he wants, example nifty option opens with default 75 quantity but we can type whatever quantity we want.
All we are asking for is a way to choose the default quantity for our orders, so instead of say 75 it will open with the chosen default quantity set by the user.