Zerodha FO average issue

HI Team ,

How zerodha calculates P&L . Suppose we take future stocks in MIS on buy and sell . And we already having position for normal . Is this MIS also considers in average


Im having average of value 520 with huge loss
Yesterday i bought share on mis and sell in 2 price got profit however at end zerodha calculated avergae consider MIS into normal and it turns into realise profit loss.

Pl suggest how average calculates


In futures and options, there is no concept of intraday or carry forward like there is in equity. In equity it is like this because taxation works differently for intraday and delivery trade. In F&O everything works as one single position while calculating P&L.

So if you have 100 bought at Rs 1000 and today your bought and sold 100 at 1100. FIFO will be applied, what you had bought first will be considered sold, and average price of your remaining 100 will be what you bought today at 1100.

What you need to understand is that irrespective of the way you calculate realized + unrealized P&L will be the same. In F&O you need to always look at combination of these.


This is confusing
eg. I have a banknifty butterfly position and sensibull shows the same with max loss 500 and max profit 2000 whatever happens.
However an Intraday Straddle was also executed in the banknifty straddle.
The next day in sensibull the payoff of butterfly will be shown as loss.