Zerodha glitches and lack of morality to address it's clients grievances

Starting a new thread as my old thread was deleted in 3 days.
Zerodha still continues to ward off the tickets created, asking them for explanation for glitches happened on 29/01/2024.

  1. why weren’t the orders rejected when they were shown as error and why were they executed at the price available after 25 mins.

  2. The clarification I got from zerodha for that was, every trader is subjected to IBT(Internet based trading risks)

If so, the same reasoning can be given everytime it happens and any broker can cover up their asses under this umbrella of reasoning.

Even though these kinda of issues have happened in past especially while trading big f&o volumes, they came up with a different reasoning then. I have attached all the screenshots regarding the latest and past glitches.

I personally feel that, they weren’t ready with the infrastructure required to handle high bandwidth demanding client base but kept acquiring clients.

One more thing that I observed is, these kind of glitches happen to a small subset of their client base, of which very few PPL raise their voice/ heard and few stick on till the grievances are addressed fairly.

This entire scenario looks like well planned and executed and throw peanuts to clients who persist with asking them questions.

29/01/2024 is just a small example among number of glitches I experienced trading under zerodha and no fair addressal even after paying them almost 15 k(avg)of brokerage everyday for last 6 years. No priority or expedition. It completely distorts the whole setup of a trader that he thought of executing and end up seeing big -ve in the ledger.( 1.59 lakh loss + 20 k brokerage ) for 29/1/24 alone.
Zerodha has returned me the brokerage of 5 orders that were stuck during that glitch. Have attached SS as well.

I have attached all my screenshots related to this issue and would welcome any suggestions as to how to go about getting justice for this.

Hi Sujit, sorry to hear this. Having this checked. You will have an update on the ticket at the earliest.

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Thankyou for addressing my grievances in a sensible way. Had no expectations but you guys proved me wrong.