Zerodha Has Poor Developers

Update was given yesterday to Kite and then rolled back. This can be summed up in 2 (either, or) statements:

  1. Zerodha has poor developers. Cheap ones.
  2. It was a marketing stunt.

I was so excited and then it all fizzled out. Well, of course, IT’S ZERODHA.

A few of our users faced a few issues and we had to roll back the update, but we are addressing the issues. While we understand that this was an issue, this isn’t a comment on the capabilities of our devs who’ve worked tirelessly, day and night to bring new updates :slight_smile: This could’ve happened to any organization, big or small. And like I said, we are working on addressing the issue and we’ll push the update with the new features soon.


You are right Bhuvanesh. It can happen to anyone whether they are big or small.

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I would like add one more. After the recent update kite app became useless for me. Prices are not getting updated in watchlist , positions & everything is just 0.00. Though I raised the complaint yesterday i yet to get any resolution on the same. Even in playstore I see several customers impacted by the same problem. It really raises the doubt whether zerodha tests the app properly before the release. I am unable to trade due to this. @nithin @siva please look into this issue & get a quick resolution for it.

Can you tell me your android version?

@siva- its android 5.0.1

@siva any updates on this. It really hurts & couldn’t do much trading

Yeah, seems android 5 has some issues, can you try updating it to latest 6 or above if possible, meanwhile we are looking into this android 5 issue.