Zerodha help the retailers!

@nithin @Karthik

Hi all,
Algo is the new frontier in trading & its gaining immense popularity. Many trainers, institutes are just looting people in name of it. They are charging lakhs just to teach basics of python or amibroker!!!

Other freelancers are charging similarly to setup and code the algo trading!!

Zerodha has always endeavored to democratize the markets in India.
You revolutionized Trading brokerage industry with Zerodha.
You revolutionized TA & charting with kite.
You revolutionized Education with Varsity.
You revolutionized Investing & MF (sort of) with smallcase.
You even impacted algo space with API.

You have resources, Brains to revolutionize Algo trading as well.
If you decide you can teach algo and coding even to the retired non engineer person as well.
I just can’t fathom why you guys are ignoring this.

I request you to setup the varsity like initiative where even a primary school kid will be able to learn algo coding and trading in easiest way possible.

Thanks and regards.


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