Zerodha (job creation)

One word about Zerodha (Nithin and Nikhil) - Thankful to Zerodha for everything

Can Zerodha create any different type of potential job role for anyone?
Zerodha is the largest as of now and also will be in future, adding millions of customers to now and future , apart from technical work.
@nithin any number of customers add, mostly the technical and tech people in your office will remain the same I believe.
In the Initial days of stock market brokers and sub-brokers had a play, can Zerodha replace it with anything NEW?
Hope @nithin answer it :blush:

Thanks Neeraj. While we may not have the traditional sub-brokers type, we have a very large online partnership business. Over 1000 active partners who help us in acquiring new business. Brokerage comparison website, people training on markets offline or on youtube, advisers, partners with physical offices and more.

Is there a potential new job to be created. I think there is an opportunity to build a vibrant advisory ecosystem in India. By advisers I don’t mean those who give buy/sell stock tips, but more financial planners who can help majority of the new traders/investors coming to the markets take right decisions with their money. We have an idea, but this isn’t an easy one to solve.