Zerodha liquidbees showing in tax p&l as short term capital gains

I had purchased liquidbees (90 units) in 2018 q2 and sold 92 units(2 units of dividend) in q1 2019. My tax p&l statement shows 2000 as short term capital gain from liquidbees. However I learnt that liquidbees dividend is net of DDT, so it shouldn’t be taxed again. I contacted zerodha through support form and they said it is treated as equity. Also, I have abnormally high exchange charges stamp charges on liquidbees (rs 60). Can anyone from zerodha clarify this??

@mohitmehra Can you.

Editing the answer: On sale of Liquidbees, STCG/LTCG will be negligible for the units of liquidbees. Cost of dividend units is considered to be the dividend reinvested which would be approximately always be equal to Rs. 1000 per unit. We will look into the adjustments required in our reporting. Thanks for highlighting this. Meanwhile, you can treat the Rs. 2000 from liquidbees as dividend income. Best to consult a CA on this.

The charges are based on turnover. You can check the applicable exchange charges and stamp charges here.
It is mentioned that the dividend is distributed after deducting 28% tax, that means if the return was 2.7k, after deducting 28% tax, I get 2000 as new units. Now on the new units you are again taxing it 15%. That makes the total taxation as 39%.

@Quicko I see similar problem in Bharat Bond ETF. Tax will be based on slab, instead quicko show the gain in Bharat Bond ETF and Liquidbees as 15% ST.